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Can I do a personal DNA test if I need the results for child support or a name change?

The legal DNA test is required for child support, custody, or any other legal reason. Courts and other government or legal institutions do not accept results unless they are from a legal DNA test that maintained a strict chain-of-custody process. 

What does chain of custody mean?

The chain of custody process allows for the legal DNA test results to be legally defensible in courts and other government agencies. It involves three main aspects:

  1. The tested parties are properly identified when their samples are collected. (Their government-issued IDs are verified and photocopied.)
  2. The DNA samples are collected by a neutral third party—someone who has no personal interest in the outcome of the test (e.g., a hospital, clinic, or laboratory staff person)
  3. The samples are securely packaged at the collection site, and carefully inspected upon receipt for any evidence of tampering
When these requirements are satisfied and documented, the results are legally defensible. This means that the patients can use them for legal purposes such as child custody, child support, immigration, etc.

What do I need to bring when doing the legal DNA test?

All adults participating in the DNA test must have a valid government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license, national ID, military ID, or passport. The collector will take a photograph of all the tested parties. In addition, the child’s legal guardian would be required to sign a consent form allowing the minor to be tested.

How soon are results ready?

Results are usually ready in 4 to 7 business days. Results may be delayed however, due to weather conditions, or additional testing time required by the lab. If results are delayed, we will contact you.

Is there a faster way to get results?

Results are usually ready in 4 to 7 business days. But we do have express services available at an additional cost.

How is the test done?

The sample is taken by swabbing the cheek inside the mouth. This is highly accurate and is safe for everyone, including newborns

Can the DNA test be done while the mother is pregnant ?

Yes. We do facilitate the non-invasive prenatal paternity (NIPP) test. This test is highly accurate and is safe for mommy and baby. The test can be done as soon as 7 weeks pregnant, and our lab partners are the first and only ones accredited by the AABB

How accurate is the non-invasive prenatal paternity test?

The Prenatal DNA test is highly accurate, showing results with 99.9 percent accuracy whether a male is the parent of the baby. This test is safe for mommy and baby. 

How soon can you test a baby after birth?

The test can be done with newborns as soon as 1 day old. The swab of the cheek is gentle and safe, as sterile swabs are used.

If the father is not available, how can paternity be established?

If the father is not available, the test can be done with the mother, sibling, or other child of the alleged father.